❀EXTRA ZOOM: noir et blanc ❀

Having fun with my camera and taking photo of my favorite photographs ! I did some extra zoom and all the photographs have been modified by me. Just look at the details, i want to show you. Hope, you'll enjoy my extra zoom.


❀My (summer) Playlist ❀

Me revoilà ! I think it could be fun to share my playlist with you. So here it is the first part !

❀ Here we go again ! ❀

OK ok, i've been totally not here the past few months and i'm sorry for that ! I've had a huge exam called "le Bac" and it's finally finish for me ! Yeaaaah, it's so cool to be in holidays !!! ANYWAY, I'm back and for good. As you see, there has been a lot of change. There is a new design as you see, more chic and simple. So I hope you like it. I wanted to take a new start and here I am with new surprises and ideas for the futur. :D

Here is the new categories:
❀ Look of the week
❀ Fashion notes: everything I see and like from the fashion world and trends.
Birdy's dolls: here for the explanation.
❀ Mode d'emploi: which mean "How to (do something)" in english 
❀ The monthly photoshoot
❀ Drawings
❀ Creations and Collages

See you in my next post.