❀ Here we go again ! ❀

OK ok, i've been totally not here the past few months and i'm sorry for that ! I've had a huge exam called "le Bac" and it's finally finish for me ! Yeaaaah, it's so cool to be in holidays !!! ANYWAY, I'm back and for good. As you see, there has been a lot of change. There is a new design as you see, more chic and simple. So I hope you like it. I wanted to take a new start and here I am with new surprises and ideas for the futur. :D

Here is the new categories:
❀ Look of the week
❀ Fashion notes: everything I see and like from the fashion world and trends.
Birdy's dolls: here for the explanation.
❀ Mode d'emploi: which mean "How to (do something)" in english 
❀ The monthly photoshoot
❀ Drawings
❀ Creations and Collages

See you in my next post.


The Trendy Fashionista said...

Bienvenue Birdy! Je suis très contente de lire des "new posts"... continue comme ça!
J'ai vraiment envie de voir des "Birdy's dolls", des Modes d'emplois, des "looks of the weeks" et des creations and collages... mon enfin, tout!

Birdy said...

Yeah I'm finally here or almost because I'm in San Francisco for my holidays and blogging there is a little bit difficult. I've got a lot to tell you and there will be a lot of e-mails. Be ready, I'm coming back on June 28 !!!
love you.